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which packers and movers are good in Bihar?
Yes, Dev Packers and Movers is best and Safest packers and movers in bihar. You can call on +91-9709431399.
Which is the most budget friendly moving company in Bihar?
Dev Packers and Movers is cheap and highly reliable moving company in bihar
How can we protect fragile items during shift?
We can protect your fragile items such as glass, furniture, etc. with extra attention. we use the quality packaging material.
My Family wants to get our car loaded in our presence. Is that possible?
Yes, Dev Packers & Movers value the client and his expensive belongings. We have the needed vehicle carrier which can load the car in your presence at your home and similarly can deliver the same at your new home.
What factors affect the cost of packers and movers in bihar?

You might be concerned about shifting charges and want to know the factors that influence the Dev packers & Movers charges. The costing of relocating goods in bihar will depend upon various number of factors. The total volume of household or office good and the distance between source and destination are two main cost affecting factors. But with them there are some several other factors as well which can affect the charges of shifting. So below are the major cost influencing factors which you need to check while Dev Packers & Movers :

  • Distance between source & destination address

  • Volume of your shifting goods

  • Size of your house and office

  • Time of your shifting

  • Quality of services you need


+91-970 94 31399
+91-983 55 28077 

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